2006 Peach Classic - September 2-3, 2006

This is the schedule as of 8/25/2006 9:00 PM
This may not be the final official schedule.

Please check the schedules posted at registration and at the rink during the event

Event NumberEvent NameStart TimeSkaters/
Saturday, Sept 2Thrasher Rink   
1Preliminary Solo Dance11:05 AM 2
2Pre-Bronze Solo Dance11:20 AM 2
3Bronze Solo Dance11:35 AM 2
4Silver Solo Dance11:50 AM 3
5Pre-Gold Dance12:10 PM 1
6Bronze Ladies Freeskate II/III12:20 PM 5
7Bronze Ladies Freeskate IV12:45 PM 3
 Ice Cut1:00 PM  
8Gold Ladies Freeskate1:15 PM 4
9No-Test Freeskate1:45 PM 3
10Pre-Bronze Ladies Freeskate2:00 PM 3
11Silver Men Freeskate2:20 PM 2
12Silver Ladies Freeskate I/II2:35 PM 3
13Silver Ladies Freeskate III2:50 PM 6
14Silver Ladies Freeskate IV3:20 PM 4
 Ice Cut3:45 PM  
15Gold Pairs4:00 PM 2
16Adult Interpretive Ladies II/III4:25 PM 3
17Adult Interpretive Ladies IV/V4:40 PM 6
18Masters Ladies Freeskate5:05 PM 3
19Masters Men Freeskate5:35 PM 3
Sunday, Sept 3Thrasher Rink   
20Bronze Compulsory Moves9:00 AM 4
21Silver Ladies Compulsory Moves9:00 AM 6
22Silver Ladies Spins III9:25 AM 3
23Silver Ladies Spins IV9:25 AM 4
24Bronze Spins9:40 AM 3
25Gold/Masters Spins9:40 AM 3
26Silver Jumps III10:00 AM 5
27Silver Jumps IV10:00 AM 3
28Bronze Jumps10:20 AM 2
 Ice Cut10:30 AM  
29Gold MIF10:45 AM 2
30Silver MIF10:55 AM 2
31Novice MIF11:05 AM 3
32Masters Interpretive Ladies11:20 AM 2
33Pairs Interpretive11:35 AM 2
34Bronze Team Maneuvers11:55 AM 2
35Gold Team Maneuvers12:10 PM 2