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Figure Skating Competition
September 1-2, 2005

Sponsored by the Georgia FSC and sanctioned by US Figure Skating


Schedule (as of Aug 31, 2005 5:00PM):  

This is a preliminary schedule, and will be changed.  This is not the final official schedule.

Thursday, September 1, 2005 - IceForum Rink

Event NumberEvent NameStart TimeSkaters
1Novice Short Program4:20 PM 4
2Junior Short Program4:40 PM 4
3Intermediate Men Short Program5:00 PM 2
4Intermediate Ladies Short Program5:10 PM 10

Friday, September 2, 2005 - Thrasher Rink

Event NumberEvent NameStart TimeSkaters
5Juvenile Freeskate11:00 AM 13
6Open-Juvenile Freeskate11:40 AM 5
7No-Test Freeskate11:55 AM 4
8Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate - Group A12:05 PM 8
9Pre-Preliminary A Freeskate - Group B12:25 PM 9
10Pre-Preliminary B Freeskate12:50 PM 8
11Intermediate Ladies Freeskate1:25 PM 11
12Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves2:25 PM 4
13Juvenile Compulsory Moves2:25 PM 6
14Preliminary Compulsory Moves2:45 PM 7
15Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves2:45 PM 9
16Juvenile Spins3:05 PM 5
17Pre-Juvenile Spins3:05 PM 2
18Preliminary Spins3:15 PM 5
19Pre-Preliminary Spins3:15 PM 2
20Juvenile Jumps3:30 PM 3
21Pre-Juvenile Jumps3:30 PM 5
22Pre-Preliminary Jumps3:45 PM 6
23Preliminary Jumps3:45 PM 2
24Intermediate Spins3:50 PM 2
25Novice Freeskate4:10 PM 4
26Junior Freeskate4:35 PM 4
27Intermediate Men Freeskate4:55 PM 2

Friday, September 2, 2005 - IceForum Rink

Event NumberEvent NameStart TimeSkaters
28Preliminary Solo Dance12:15 PM 5
29Intermediate Pairs12:35 PM 4
30Pre-Juvenile Freeskate12:50 PM 13
31Pre-Juvenile Men Freeskate1:35 PM 1
32Preliminary Freeskate1:45 PM 6
33Pre-Preliminary Showcase2:05 PM 4
34Pre-Juvenile Showcase2:20 PM 2

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