2006 Peach Open - September 1-2, 2006

This is the schedule as of 8/25/2006 9:30 PM 
This may not be the final official schedule.

Please check the schedules posted at registration and at the rink during the event

Event NumberEvent NameStart TimeSkaters
Friday, Sept 1Thrasher Rink   
1Open Juvenile Compulsory Moves9:45 AM 5
2Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves10:00 AM 7
3Preliminary Compulsory Moves10:00 AM 5
4No-Test Compulsory Moves - Group A10:20 AM 6
5No-Test Compulsory Moves - Group B10:35 AM 6
6Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves10:50 AM 4
7Preliminary Spins11:10 AM 3
8Pre-Juvenile Spins11:10 AM 3
9No-Test Spins11:25 AM 3
10Pre-Preliminary Spins11:25 AM 3
 Ice Cut11:40 AM  
11Preliminary Freeskate11:55 AM 9
12Open-Juvenile Girls Freeskate12:40 PM 5
13Pre-Preliminary A Girls Freeskate1:10 PM 6
14Pre-Preliminary B Girls Freeskate1:35 PM 5
15Pre-Preliminary B Boys Freeskate1:35 PM 1
 Ice Cut1:55 PM  
16Pre-Juvenile Girls Freeskate2:10 PM 8
17No-Test A Girls Freeskate2:50 PM 9
18No-Test B Freeskate3:20 PM 10
19Intermediate Ladies Short Program4:20 PM 7
20Junior Ladies Short Program5:05 PM 2
21Novice Ladies Short Program5:20 PM 2
22Novice Men Short Program5:20 PM 1
Saturday, Sept 2Thrasher Rink   
23Juvenile Girls Freeskate8:45 AM 8
24Intermediate Ladies Freeskate9:30 AM 8
25Junior Ladies Freeskate10:15 AM 2
26Novice Ladies Freeskate10:30 AM 2