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Adult Figure Skating Competition

Sponsored by the Georgia FSC and sanctioned by the USFSA
August 31-September 1, 2002


Final Results:
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SaturdayAugust 31, 2002Surface A 
Event # EVENTSkaters
18:15 AM-8:45 AMPre Bronze MIF5
28:45 AM-9:00 AMPre Bronze Ladies FS III/IV6
39:00 AM-9:20 AMPre Bronze Ladies FS I/II4
49:20 AM-9:45 AMBronze Ladies III/IV5
59:45 AM-10:25 AMBronze Ladies II12
610:25 AM-11:00 AMBronze Ladies I11
 11:00 AM-11:15 AMICE MAKE 
811:15 AM-11:40 AMMasters Ladies FS I2
911:40 AM-12:15 PMGold Ladies FS8
1012:15 PM-12:35 PMYoung Adult Silver Ladies FS4
1112:15 PM-12:35 PMYoung Adult Gold Ladies FS2
1212:35 PM-12:50 PMNo Test Men FS3
1312:35 PM-12:50 PMBronze Men FS2
1412:50 PM-1:05 PMSilver Men FS2
1512:50 PM-1:05 PMGold Men FS3
 1:05 PM-1:20 PMMaster Men Exhibition
Peach Frost Syncro Exhibition
 1:20 PM-1:35 PMICE MAKE 
161:35 PM-1:45 PMAdult Pairs2
171:45 PM-2:00 PMBronze Ladies I Spins4
181:45 PM-2:00 PMBronze Ladies II to IV Spins3
192:00 PM-2:20 PMBronze Ladies CM7
202:00 PM-2:20 PMNo Test Ladies CM5
212:20 PM-2:40 PMSilver Ladies I CM5
222:20 PM-2:40 PMSilver Ladies II to IV CM5
232:40 PM-3:00 PMPre Bronze Ladies I/II CM5
242:40 PM-3:00 PMNo Test Men CM2
252:40 PM-3:00 PMPre Bronze Ladies III/IV CM4
 3:00 PM-3:15 PMICE MAKE 
263:15 PM-3:50 PMAdult Interpretive Ladies I8
273:50 PM-4:05 PMAdult Interpretive Men2
283:50 PM-4:05 PMMasters Interpretive Men2
294:05 PM-4:35 PMAdult Interpretive Ladies II8
304:35 PM-4:50 PMGold Solo Dance2
314:50 PM-5:05 PMPre Silver Solo Dance3
325:05 PM-5:25 PMPre Bronze Solo Dance2
335:05 PM 5:25 PMPre Bronze Dance2
345:25 PM-6:00 PMPreliminary Solo Dance6
SaturdayAugust 31, 2002Surface B 
Event # EVENTSkaters
418:55 AM-9:15 AMSilver MIF4
429:15 AM-9:30 AMGold MIF3
439:30 AM-10:10 AMNovice MIF7
4410:10 AM 10:30 AMOpen Junior/Sr MIF3
4610:30 AM-11:15 AMBronze MIF11
SundaySeptember 1, 2002  
Event # EVENTSkaters
1018:15 AM-8:45 AMNo Test Ladies4
1028:15 AM-8:45 AMSilver Ladies III/IV3
1038:45 AM-9:10 AMSilver Ladies II6
1049:10 AM-9:50 AMSilver Ladies I12
1059:50 AM-10:10 AMGold/Masters Ladies CM3
1069:50 AM-10:10 AMPre Bronze Ladies Spins3
10710:10 AM-10:25 AMSilver Ladies III/IV Spins4
10810:10 AM-10:25 AMYoung Adult Silver Spins2
 10:25 AM-10:40 AMICE MAKE 
10910:40 AM-11:10 AMGold/Masters Ladies II Spins8
11010:40 AM-11:10 AMSilver Men Spins2
11110:40 AM-11:10 AMGold/Masters Men Spins2
11210:40 AM-11:10 AMGold/Masters Ladies I Spins3
11311:10 AM-11:25 AMSilver Ladies I Spins5
11411:10 AM-11:25 AMSilver Ladies II Spins3
11511:25 AM-11:35 AMYoung Adult Bronze/Silver Interpretive3
11611:35 AM-12:00 PMAdult Ladies III/IV Interpretive9
11712:00 PM-12:30 PMMasters Ladies Interpretive9
11812:30 PM-12:45 PMOpen Similar Pairs Interpretive5

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